The Process

Let us explain what is involved in making beautiful Driftwood Art

We spend countless hours combing the shores of local lakes and rivers choosing unique pieces of driftwood to craft these beautiful items.  Once the wood has been collected each piece is power washed, thoroughly dried then stored indoors.  This process ensures that the products made are bug free and mould free.


The tables are made of many pieces that are screwed together with beige deck screws that are well hidden.  This ensures that the tables are sturdy yet still look natural.


For lamps, picture frames and mirrors, the original frame is covered with burlap before the driftwood is added.  For lamps, the shades are covered in burlap for an organic, natural look.  Customers may opt to purchase the lamp without burlap on the shade.


Custom orders are usually able to be done within a short turnaround time.  A deposit is required for all custom orders.